Keynote Speakers




Michael Berube

DoE Vehicle Technologies Office Director (USA)

New Mobility, New Powertrains and the Role of the IC Engine


Maria Grazia Lisbona
FCA Group (taly)

Propulsion system for future mobility FCA view


Fabien Redon

Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

at Achates Power (USA)

The Engine Imperative


Zissis Samaras
Aristotle University (Greece)
Automotive Emissions Control:
Challenges from real world performance regulatory requirements


David Schutt
CEO of SAE Enterprise (USA)

Title to be defined


Marc Sens

Head of Department Thermodynamics/Boost Systems

at IAV (Germany)

The path to CO2-neutral mobility in 2050


Donatus Wichelhaus

Head of Race Engine Development

at Porsche (Germany)

High efficiency race engines running at high rpm