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ICE2015, calls for papers

 12thInternational Conference on Engines&Vehic...

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Premio Tesi di Laurea SAE-NA Anno Accademico 2012/2013


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Avviso di seminario 07/02/2014


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SAENA supporta i team di Formula Student


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Risultati del Concorso del Premio di Laurea AA 2011-2012

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Risultati del Concorso del Premio di Laurea AA 2010-2011

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Premio Tesi di Laurea SAE_NA Anno Accademico 2011/2012


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Risultati del Concorso del Premio di Laurea AA 2009-2010


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Ultimi riconoscimenti SAE ai membri SAE_NA

Prof. Angelo

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Two-day Meeting_Politecnico di Milano

Two-day Meeting on
Internal Combustion Engine Simulations ...

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TO ZEV Symposium

TO ZEV - June 9-10, 2011


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Bando Premio Tesi di laurea AA 2009/2010

Premio Tesi di laurea

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One Day Workshop_Download the presentations!!

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One Day Workshop - 08/11/2010, ore 9

La SAENA è lieta di invitarvi al prossimo “One Day Workshop&r...

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seminario David Schutt 08/11/2010, ore 9

Lunedì 8 novembre 2010, ore 09:00

David Schutt, vice pre...

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Presentazione ep2010, la vettura da Formula SAE UniBo Mo

Si informano tutte le personalità accademiche e non che abbiano sos...

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Risultati del Concorso del Premio di Laurea AA 2008-2009


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UniBo Motorsport: newsletter n°2 - maggio 2010

La newsletter n°2 - maggio 2010 può essere letta al s...

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Newsletter unina Corse

Grandi novità dal progetto Formula SAE dell'Università p...

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ICE2015, calls for papers

 12thInternational Conference on Engines&Vehicles

Capri, Napoli (Italy) September 13-17, 2015

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts of 300 words or less for review by the General Committee. Abstracts will be submitted on-lineand managed by the SAE My Tech Zone tool. Uponsubmission,the paper tracking numberwill be sent by email. Paper acceptance will be based on organizer moderatedpeer-reviews of review-ready manuscript.Authors should prepare their papers according to SAE International format. For additional information, please contact SAE_NA Secretary at saena@im.cnr.itand visit SAENA Section website atwww.sae-na.it


Abstracts due to SAE January 15, 2015

Draft Manuscript due to organizers March 16, 2015

Final Manuscript due to SAE June 8, 2015


ICE2015is organizedby SAE_NA Italian SAE section with ArgonneNational Laboratory–Lemont(USA) and Istituto Motori-CNR - Napoli (Italy).

Topics of the Conference

Fuel Injection and Combustion Processes

Fuel Injection & Sprays Modelling/Experiments

Combustion and Flow diagnostics

CI Combustion Modelling/Experiments

CI Performance with Alternative Fuels

HCCI Modelling/Experiments

SI Combustion Modelling/Experiments

SI Performance & Fuel Effects

Combustion & Tailpipe Noise, Acoustics & Silencers


Alternative and Advanced Power Systems

Hybrids and Electric vehicles

Fuel Cell Technologies

Hydrogen IC

Novel Designs

On-board energy recovery and management


Fuels and Lubricants

Nonpetroleum Based Fuels

Advanced Petroleum Based Fuels

Gaseous Fuels

Lubricants & Bearing Systems

Advanced Lubricants


Powertrain & Vehicle Technology

CI & SI Power Cylinder Systems

Small Engine Technology

New CI and SI Engines & Components

Engine Control and Optimization

Vehicle Control and Optimization

Vehicle System Models

Intelligent transportation systems


Exhaust Aftertreatment and Emissions

Off-road emissions

Heavy duty emissions

Particle emissions

General Emissions

Exhaust System Modelling

Aftertreatment Systems


Air Handling, Intake, and Exhaust

Gas dynamics & acoustics

Intake/Exhaust system modelling




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ICE2015, calls for papers
Premio Tesi di Laurea SAE-NA Anno Accademico 2012/2013
SAENA supporta i team di Formula Student
Date: 28/10/2011

Vincitori Premio Tesi di Laurea 2011/2012

Dr. Thomas W. Ryan III, 2008 President of SAE International Seminar at Istituto Motori (24 sept 2008)

Vincitori Premio Tesi di Laurea 2007/2008

Seminario Dott. Danisi 16 maggio 2008

Neapoli Innovation - Programma tecnico scientifico 2007/2008

SAE_Na - c/o ISTITUTO MOTORI – CNR - Via Marconi 8, 80125 Napoli - Email: saena@im.cnr.it
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