SAE Fellow

Prof. Federico Millo has been appointed SAE Fellow We are proud to announce that prof. Federico Millo, Vice Chair Geographical Division of SAE Naples section, has been appointed SAE Fellow. Prof...

Speaker award

Prof. Fabio Bozza has been appointed Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award The intent of the award is to maintain a high level of presentations at SAE technical sessions by recognizing...

Formula Sae

Formula SAE Award 2016 The SAE - Naples Section would support the Formula SAE Team & Student, and issue the call to reward the teams participating in the 2016 racing season. For...

Thesis award

Thesis award 2016 The SAENA is pleased to announce the competition for the Oustanding Master’s Thesis Award. This competition aims to honor outstanding students from Italian Universities and to provide increased...

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Governing Board

Cesare Pianese
Università di Salerno


Vice Chair
Mario Lavorgna
ST Microelectronics V
Ezio Mancaruso
Istituto Motori - CNR, Napoli 

Carlo Beatrice
Istituto Motori- CNR, Napoli

  Honorary chair (Past Chair)
Bianca Maria Vaglieco
Istituto Motori – CNR, Napoli
Vice Chair Geographical Division
Federico Millo
Politecnico di Torino
  Vice Chair Student
Nicolò Cavina
Università di Bologna
 Vice Chair activity
Fabio Bozza
Università di Napoli
  Board member
Felice E. Corcione
Istituto Motori – CNR, Napoli 
 Nominated member

Ivan Arsie
Università di Salerno

   Nominated member
Arturo de Risi
Università di Lecce
 Nominated member
Agostino Gambarotta
Università di Parma
   Nominated member
Angelo Onorati
Politecnico di Milano
 Nominated member
Riccardo Amirante
Politecnico di Bari
   Nominated member
Luigi De Simio
Istituto Motori – CNR, Napoli
 Nominated member
Stefano Ubertini
Università della Tuscia
   Nominated member
Luigi Arnone