Formula SAE Award 2017

The SAE - Naples Section would support the Formula SAE Team & Student, and issue the call to reward the teams participated in the 2017 racing season.


The award is targeted to the team that will undertake to implement the SAE Naples Section logo on the car. The adhesive of the color logo, which will be sent to the downstream team of a request by mail at, will be placed on the front of the car. The teams participating in the initiative will have to give visibility to the SAE Naples Section. An electronic version of the logo is available here. The Saena agrees to advertise on its website and in the course of communications to the teams that will participate in the award.
The evaluation of each participant in the prize team will be performed taking into account the following criteria:
1) Results achieved at sports events;
2) Number of shares to sporting events;
3) Number of students enrolled in the team related to the SAE International SAE Naples Section;
4) Communication activities (website, publications, images, video, etc.) undertaken by the team with the objectives of promoting Saena.
A commission appointed by the Board of Saena, will evaluate the documentation produced by the team and will draw up two lists: one relating to the results of sports competitions (criteria 1); and a second aimed at rewarding the efforts of teams in the activities relating to the criteria 2), 3) and 4).
Applications for participation for the 2017 season must be received by email or by mail at the address Istituto Motori-CNR, Via G. Marconi, 4-80125 Naples until May 16, 2018 and must be accompanied by documentary evidence needed to determine the ranking, including photographic evidence of participation in sporting events and the presence of SAENA logo on the car.