Thesis award 2014-2015


The SAENA is pleased to announce the competition for the Oustanding Master’s Thesis Award. This competition aims to honor outstanding students from Italian Universities and to provide increased visibility for the Italian Section of SAE International.



They can compete for the prize those that have achieved the five-year or graduate level II, a thesis from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2015.
Participants must be registered at the SAE International (Student Member) at the date of submission of the application form or prove affiliation to SAE International in the period 2014-2015.



The participation form, compiled on the appropriate Annex A, must be sent to the * Saena at Istituto Motori - CNR, Via G. Marconi 4-80125 and received no later than 12 noon of the day May 30, 2016 as indicated in the notice.



The SAENA Governing Board will appoint an evaluator Commission of the Award. It will be composed of 3 Commissioners than the President of Saena. Each thesis will be judged on the following criteria: clarity, methodology, and contribution to the research field. The best thesis will be awarded by a cash prize of € 500.00.
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* Participants interested in electronic submission may contact the Saena by e-mail: